he Solr Search v1.3 bundle developed for Nakamura has been released. This is not to be confused with Apache Solr 4. The bundle wraps a snapshot version of Apache Solr 4 at revision 1162474 and exposes a number of OSGi components that allow s SolrJ client to interact with the Solr server.

In this release 2 bugs were identified and fixed. These bugs relate to the reliability of remote servers in a Solr cluster and the reliability of the indexing queues.

As always, thanks goes to everyone who contributed and helped to get this release out.

Issues Fixed: https://github.com/ieb/solr/issues?sort=created&direction=desc&state=closed&page=1&milestone=4
Release Tag: https://github.com/ieb/solr/tree/org.sakaiproject.nakamura.solr-1.3

Downloads are available from the release tag.

To Use from a maven2 project