This repo contains notes and documentation mainly related to Sailing and using Signalk. Most of the information is for my own reference and spans many git repos, but it migh be of use for anyone trying intergate SignalK with boat electronics.

SPAs and data

User at Cowes Week 2018, Marks data may need adjusting for later years. See for source code.


NMEA2000 Device addresses

List of device addresses burned into firmware to avoid collisions. The code will adapt when there is a collision, but its better if to avoid this. NMEA2000 is, SmallNMEA2000 is less capable, but runs on small MCUs.

Device Address Platform Status lib
++++++++++++++++ +++++++++ ++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++++++++
EngineMontor 23 ESP32 retired NMEA2000
CanDiagnose 50 ESP32 dev NMEA2000
CanSend 22 ESP32 service NMEA2000
WindSensorBase 24 ESP32 retired NMEA2000
CanPressure 25 Attiny3224 service SmallNMEA2000
EngineMonitor 24 Atmel328p service SmallNMEA2000
NMEA2000Shunt 26 Attiny3224 dev SmallNMEA2000

EM-track AIS commands

Submitted in ProAIS2

To disable GPS data output over NMEA 2000 send this command:

$PSMT,0,3,0x2C75B2FA,1,n2kognss 0,0*15

To enable it again send this command:

$PSMT,0,3,0x2C75B2FA,1,n2kognss -1,0*39

To disable PGN 129029

$PSMT,0,3,0x2C75B2FA,1,n2kognss 0x11,0*6D

To enable

$PSMT,0,3,0x2C75B2FA,1,n2kognss -1,0*39

0 = 00000000 -1 = 11111111 0x11 = 00010001

Other commands Authorise


Silent mode


Not silent


Output all alarms (for testing ?)


Only output active alarms


GPS update speed every second


Every 4s