I have heard a quite disturbing message, that I know is incorrect and completely out of date. Someone once said that Sakai 2.9 woud be the last version of Sakai CLE. Completely wrong, and will be certainly be proved completely wrong in the next few months. In fact any sort of prediction of that type made in Community Source is always going to be wrong. Community demand drives releases, and those doing the releases are the ones who decide when they are done, and when they are not going to do a release. There are hundreds of institutions running Sakai CLE and there will be Sakai CLE releases as long as there are institutions wanting releases. So if you read or see a presentation that says anything about the last Sakai CLE release, dont believe a word of it.

At this point your probably asking why is a Sakai OAE developer writing this. Well I am writing this because its clear to me that Sakai CLE and Sakai OAE adress different needs with some overlap, and when Sakai OAE does a release (real soon) it will be a parallel release of a separate product to Sakai CLE for many many years to come.