Everyone keeps on telling me how cool Google Calendar is, and how we should throw away our Enterprise calendar systems. I sort of heard what they said an intended to get round to having a look one day. Finally I did. And it is.

Previously I shared iCal with webdav, and it was Ok, but no one could see when I was busy or not, and its hard to manage. With Google Calendar the interface is Ok, you get control over who can do what, including allowing family members to edit some of your calendars. The best bit is that there is good sync support. I can sync to my iCal with Spanning Sync http://www.spanningsync.com/ which just works in the background all the time, bi directional. And by sending my Blackberry to http://m.google.com/sync I can now have my Blackberry synced online, no more messy bluetooth or USB cables, it even integrated with the Blackberry Calendar and puts a “Sync with Google” menu item inside the blackberry Calendar.

So now I just need an application to generate palusable excuses for missing meetings… integrated with my calendar…. as a post event excuse generation alert. ‘If you have just missed this meeting, you might like to say…..’