I meant to do this a while back, document git setup on OSX.

  • Install SVN 1.4.3 from the DMG at Tigris http://www.collab.net/downloads/community/
  • Make certain you have a gcc compiler, probably from xcode on the OSX install disks
  • Build Git 1.5.5 form source with a ./configure; sudo make install
  • Symbolic link the subersion perl libraries into the perl build library eg ln -s /opt/subversion/lib/svn-perl/SVN /System/Library/Perl/Extras/5.8.6/SVN ln -s /opt/subversion/lib/svn-perl/auto/SVN /System/Library/Perl/Extras/5.8.6/auto/SVN

Thats Git installed, now to sync the repo you are after using git-svn, now go an read Git for SVN Users

Having done that to mirror an SVN repo do

git-svn clone http://svn.foo.org/project/trunk cd trunk

And start working. git commit .will commit locally, git svn dcommit will commit all changes to the remote SVN and rebase your local gir repo to the remote svn

There are man pages on all of this and more … worth reading