At first I thought…. not another Wiki…. but then this looks interesting. TidlyWiki is a wiki in an HTML page with the entire wiki engine written in JavaScript. Perfectly possible, JavaScript has good Regex support and all the Wiki engine needs to do is re-write DIV’s with the rendered content.

Bill Steel posted onto the Sakai-Dev list about embedding this, which makes a lot of sense. An HTML page in Content Hosting containing the markup and the engine in a static JS file. There are some drawbacks… the engine is 200K of Javascript…. all the wiki is in a single page…. there isn’t a mechanism to update the page, other than by a PUT back to the server… but all of those could be overcome. If there was a small amount of backend support, to do things like diffs then for notebook operations this makes sense. Obviously its a really online environment, I’m not certain how you would do a huge wiki, or render the wiki to PDF/RTF in Javascript, or provide full text search…. but an inverted index in Javascript is perfectly possible.