Looks a lot like Google has started to enforce (https://blog.google/products/gmail/gmail-security-authentication-spam-protection/) This is a graph of forwarded vs rejected email for a small domain I use CLoudFlare to forward to gmail accounts. Normally rejection rates are very low. Last week they started to rise.

The rejected messages typically miss SPF or DKIM header. In the case of large senders both are required. Seems like its not only catching the spammers but a lot of email lists and shopping sites are now unable to get messages or confirmation of orders through.

Update: Seems that CloudFlare free email routing is may not be complying perfectly with the rules Google published for mail forwarders, and its possible that since CloufFlare email routing is free…. its IP sender addresses are getting a bad reputation. Much though I liked the CloudFlare service, I’ve switched my MX records back to Google, so that I get those order confirmations once more.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 08.36.01