This blog is the personal blog of Ian Boston and not the views of my employer at the time of writing the post.

As of January 2013 I am a Senior Engineer with Adobe R&D working on things related to Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Prior to January 2013 I was Chief Technology Officer for Digital Services at the University of Cambridge Library. I normally live in Cambridge, UK, but I am currently working remotely from Sydney Australia.

If you want to talk, the best way to get in contact is to email me at … ieb at tfd dot co dot uk.  tfd.co.uk is my Domain left over from my consultancy company, Timefields Ltd, which I closed when I moved to Australia. Its from a time (1990’s) when all domain names were TLA’s and I have grown rather fond of it.

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15 05 2010
Vincent Olivier

Gee, I didn’t get you were in this social stuff as well. Did you have a time to look at OStatus : http://ostatus.org ?

22 10 2010
Arnaud Brunet


You wrote a very interesting article about Drools compilation with maven : http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/KERNDOC/Drools+Maven+Compiler+Plugin

I tried to use the plugin org.sakaiproject.nakamura.maven/drools-maven-plugin. But i cannot find it in JBoss / Central maven repository.

Can you tell me where i can find it, please ?

Arnaud Brunet

22 10 2010

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