Declarative optional multiple references flaky in OSGi

12 11 2009

It looks like binding multiple optional references in OSGi is flaky at least with Felix 1.2.0. Uhh what does that mean?

AFAICT, an annotation like

 cardinality = ReferenceCardinality.OPTIONAL_MULTIPLE,
 referenceInterface = VirtualResourceType.class)


public void bindVirtualResourceType(VirtualResourceType virtualResourceType) {"Bound "+virtualResourceType);
public void unbindVirtualResourceType(VirtualResourceType virtualResourceType) {"UnBound "+virtualResourceType);

Only binds some of the time on reload, but unbind works every time.

I have a feeling that below will work, no idea why ?

protected void bindVirtualResourceType(ServiceReference reference) {
   VirtualResourceType virtualResourceType =  (VirtualResourceType) this.componentContext.locateService(
       "VirtualResourceType", reference);
   if ( virtualResourceType != null ) {"=====================BOUND VIRTUAL RESOURCE TYPE{}===============================",virtualResourceType.getResourceType());
      virtualResourceTypes.put(virtualResourceType.getResourceType(), virtualResourceType);
   } else {"=====================Faied to find BOUND VIRTUAL RESOURCE TYPE{}===============================",reference);


The annotation should have been

@Reference(name = “virtualResourceType”,
cardinality = ReferenceCardinality.OPTIONAL_MULTIPLE,
referenceInterface = VirtualResourceType.class,
policy = ReferencePolicy.DYNAMIC)

and then the bind and unbind can be

protected void bindVirtualResourceType(VirtualResourceType virtualResourceType) {
    virtualResourceTypes.put(virtualResourceType.getResourceType(), virtualResourceType);

protected void unbindVirtualResourceType(VirtualResourceType virtualResourceType) {

(I am an idiot!)



One response

2 02 2010
Felix Meschberger

You are not an idiot. You ran into a fixed bug. In older releases of the Felix Declarative Services implementations static references were updated as soon as they became available by cycling the component. This is in fact wrong: static references are only bound at the time the component is activated. Unbinding is different of course because a reference must immediately be unbound and thus the component be cycled.

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