Be careful what you publish

10 04 2009

Google are now analysing videos uploaded for Copyright infringement. If you happen to video cam recording of anything that has some ambient music, and publish that, even to one person, I am reliably informed that, if the music was copyrighted, by publishing you have breached the copyright. Do it too many times and Google will ban you.

I video cam’d my daughters school play that had some background music, from the Jungle Book, the video was banned since Disney owns the copyright. I breached the copyright by publishing to her grand-parents even though I made the video private on Google Video. I have since deleted the video from Google. The school is probably in breach of copyright by pressing play without explicit permission form Disney Corp when parents were listening.

I have a feeling the days are numbered when Google can take a relaxed attitude copyright infringement on YouTube and Google Video, will this be the start of a contraction of services?



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