Installing git on OSX Tiger to work with SVN.

7 05 2008

First off, no dmg available for Tiger, so you need to build from source.

Building Git from source is easy on OSX, just download one of the tarballs from, configure make install, but getting it to work with SVN is not quite so easy because by default it binds to the OSX perl which may or may not have Alien::SVN

MacPorts appears to work: sudo port install git-core +svn



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18 05 2008
Ian Boston

Correction to that, ports comes with an old version of git. Building from source is he best route, its easy once you have the OSX XCode bits installed for the compiler.

Once that is done, its a ./configure; make; sudo make install

Also you will need to take a recent version of svn and make certain that the perl library bindings are there. These need to be linked into the /System/Library/perl space to make them work. Once that is done it all works just great. Highly recommended.

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