A JSF Ajax Portal is possible and looks cool.

29 06 2007

I am no fan of JSF, but watching the eXo portal 2.0 is an eye opener.


This is an open source portal system (GPL) that uses JSF and Pico IoC for its core. It has JSR-168 and JSR-170 support at its core. It uses widgets and Ajax heavilly, and having built the platform they appear to be adding functionality quickly. They have an ECM component (Enterprise Content Management), Workflow (BPEL and XPDL), Groups, Users some Groupware (Calendar, messages) and in the incubator something called exo-lcms with a wiki component and scorm support.

The portlets appear to be velocity (VTL) or JSF based, but when you get to  the Skins part of the video…… I think they might be infringing copyright somewhere.

Technical docs are at

Object Forge




1.5M lines, $13M investment, 1.2 years 58 very active developers…. a powerhouse!



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30 06 2007
Brice Revenant


Thanks for mentionning eXo Platform :-). We’re glad to hear people saying it looks cool.

Just one precision… We switched our template service from Velocity to Groovy. That way we allow our users to develop their templates in a standardized language.

Thanks again,

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