Skinnable Portal

16 02 2007

Now that this is working, I have written some documentation (very brief)

Apple Remote Desktop over SSH

7 02 2007

If you can get an SSH connection, into a network then you can forward IP over an SSH tunnel…. we all knew that… but Apple Remote Desktop works quite well tunneled. The port to forward in 5900, if you bring it into you local host then you can connect with ARD to localhot and control the remote one.

It would be better if all commands worked on the command line, but when install manuals start talking about GUI admin my heart sinks. the ssh forward command is ssh -L5900:remote-target-ip:5900 and then connect with ARD onto the local host. This only works for Control and share… bit its quite fast (faster then VNC)

Large SVN changes with .externals in place

2 02 2007

If you need to make changes to a large source tree with an .externals defining the source tree, (like sakai) it can be a pain, so its better to do it with a script perhapse.

for i in `find . -name m2-target` ; do pushd `dirname $i`; echo m2-target > svnsettarget; svn propget svn:ignore | grep -v m2-target >> svnsettarget; cat svnsettarget; svn propset svn:ignore -F svnsettarget . ; rm svnsettarget; popd; done

followed by

for i in `ls -l | grep “^d” | cut -c45-`; do pushd $i; svn commit -m ‘Adding ignore for m2-target’; popd; done

Will add to and commit changes to svn:ignore.