Maven 2

5 12 2006

What would be required to make Sakai maven 2 ? I’m only investigating to see what it would take, I’m not advocating that this should be done.

Build targets. jar – no problem war – no problem component war – probably Ok

Deployment targets jar – shared, component, no idea at the moment war – probably Ok component was – no idea at the moment

But, Im going to have a look to see how hard it could be.



One response

5 12 2006
Ian Boston

Looks like the maven cargo plugin does most of what is required. The only thing that I can see that is missing is the component deployment. This does much more and could be made to download and deploy tomcat as well. perhapse a step to far.

Annother possible place to look is the pluto maven plugin that deploys to tomcat shared space. I would guess that it will be a relatively simple task to extend that code to make it deploy to components. Again this does much more than just deploy as it generates parts of the deployment structure, and portal.xml files

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