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20 06 2006

Picking up an old Hibernate book, flicking to the back, I noticed IronTrack. I remember this from back in 2003, but never used it. When you start searching for IronGrid in Google, it looks like they don’t exist any more, a pity since it looked like a good way of seeing what a DB was doing. There are commercial products that do the same, but this was supposed to be OpenSource. However their is talk of a Trial License, which a new model to me, open source, but if you want the binaries, you need a license, strange. Perhaps thats why they don’t exist any more.

However, there is a Sourceforge project, with 2 developers, no released files and no activity and no stated license. Digging a little deeper, the code is in CVS. It appears to be Apache 1.1 licensed, and the Licensing code has been commented out. For posterity, I’ve built the jars and uploaded binaries and source. You can run the binary with java -jar irontracksql.jar or java -jar ironeyesql.jar



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31 10 2006
Phil Wilson

After a few seconds, I don\’t see the obvious difference between IronTrack and IronEye. Care to clarify?

31 10 2006
Ian Boston

IronTrack will allow you to look at things over time, IronEye gives real time monitoring but no history

12 07 2007
Jakub Matias

Thanks for that it looks like it’s only place where you can find bin

24 08 2007

You can also get it from Will Iverson’s web site:

29 12 2009

i can not download,and can not visit the website of
do you have this project more infomation?

14 03 2010
Bruno Antunes

We can also try elvyx,

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